Even in this era of analytics, a core truth still holds—data without context cannot answer your questions.  You need science, strategy, and experience to develop insights to propel you forward.  We get it.  In fact, we live and breathe it.  Our team combines high-value analysis and a wealth of subject matter expertise keyed to meet your needs.  

Strategic data solutions

The answers to most questions require a robust and nuanced understanding of the data.  That’s why our team goes beyond number crunching to design and implement analysis plans that yield insightful solutions.  Our process starts with information management, progresses through targeted analytics, and culminates with effective communication through compelling visuals.  Subject matter expertise and strategic thinking is interlaced at every step of this process.  Our work is collaborative, data-driven, and yields high-value products.

Data Science | Multidisciplinary Projects | Decision Analysis | NRDA | Monitoring

Information Management

We know that the first step to making any decision is compiling and organizing information that helps you make it.  We develop comprehensive information management plans that accommodate a wide range of data types, ranging from laboratory data to document libraries for litigation.  Our process of centralized data management allows us to seamlessly integrate our extensive wealth of analytical tools and visualizations to address your needs and effectively communicate solutions.

Data Management | Relational Databases | Document Management | Data Quality | Data Integrity

Visualization and Communication

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Especially when it provides powerful insights to understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data.  Our team combines technical expertise and project-specific context to create clear, accessible, and compelling visuals to answer the questions at hand and communicate the results.  And we don’t keep the fun to ourselves—we bring the data to your fingertips via interactive applications with interconnected maps, figures, tables, and imagery customized to pinpoint the answers to your questions.

Fate and Transport Models | Allocation | Environmental Monitoring | Site Characterization | Impact Assessment | Scenario Evaluations | Risk Models | Oceanographic Surveys

environmental Analytics

The most robust and defensible solutions are data driven.  We bring decades of analysis experience and cutting-edge tools to the table to help you develop those solutions.  From site characterizations, real-time monitoring, impact assessments, and remedial designs to issues involving emerging contaminants and product stewardship, our analyses provide insight.  We integrate data with strategic thinking, scientific expertise, and targeted analysis to bring actionable results that support informed decisions. 

Numerical Transport Models | Source Identification | Probabilistic Risk Models | Weight of Evidence Analysis | Lifecycle Analysis

Geospatial Analysis

There is no doubt that geospatial data deliver amazing value—from finding the closest cafe to understanding your home’s risk to flooding, geospatial information is all around us.  The same applies to our project work—geospatial information guides and shapes our development of conceptual site models, remedial strategies, and potential risk formulations.  We use geospatial analysis tools to uncover insights not plainly visible, opening up new opportunities and solution possibilities.

Historical Imagery | Satellite Imagery | Land Use Changes | GPS | Interpolation | Kriging | Climate Change | Third Party Analysis

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is evolving at a break-neck pace.  It’s used in everything from smart speakers to self-driving cars.  We don’t think we should stop there.  We are using AI to help our clients turn diverse data types into actionable information and predictive models.  Our team is developing a variety of IMPACT initiatives (IMaging and Predictive AnalytiCs Technology) that integrate cutting-edge analytics with state-of-the-art data visualizations and interactive web-based applications

Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Neural Networks | iSPI | Object Detection | Image Classification | Bioacoustic Surveys


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