New Chile Office Expands Integral’s Capabilities in South America
June 8, 2015

Integral Consulting Inc. has expanded its services into South America with the launch of a subsidiary, Integral Consulting SpA, in Santiago, Chile. The Santiago office, located at Martín de Zamora 6101 in Las Condes, is led by Managing Scientist Brad Parks, P.E. Operating in South America since early this year, the office provides services in strategic management of environmental projects, independent third-party environmental assessment, mining geochemistry and hydrologic evaluations, site investigations, geosciences, marine sciences and engineering, metocean data acquisition and assessment, air quality, litigation support, and regulatory strategy.

“With Brad’s local presence and technical knowledge, combined with our team of experienced engineers and scientists, we offer innovative solutions for international clients, including industry and governments,” said Integral President Bill Locke, P.E. “This expansion allows us to bring a wide array of services to South American clients, particularly in the ports, mining, and energy sectors.”

Integral SpA’s first local project involved conducting a baseline monitoring study for the Port of Valparaiso, one of the South Pacific’s most important seaports. Other Integral projects in South America have included performing geological studies at a lithium mine in Argentina and developing an acid materials management plan for a new mine in Peru. Using state-of-the-science instrumentation, Integral also characterizes sediment and contaminant transport at complex aquatic sites worldwide.

With more than 150 employees in the U.S., and now in South America, Integral provides science and engineering consulting services in health, environment, technology, and sustainability.

For more information about Integral Consulting SpA, contact Brad Parks at