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Marcia Greenblatt on Numerical Modeling in Litigation Published in Law 360

Marcia GreenblattNumerical modeling is a powerful tool for supporting environmental litigation, explains Marcia Greenblatt, Ph.D., P.E., in an article recently published in Law 360, a daily newsletter providing coverage and expert analysis of litigation across dozens of practice areas and industries.

In her article, titled “Navigating Numerical Models in Environmental Litigation,” Dr. Greenblatt also describes the complexities of using modeling to develop expert opinions, including when a numerical model should be used, understanding the different aspects of a modeling study, and common sources of disagreements between experts. She also takes into account strategic considerations, such as the importance of understanding model assumptions when dueling models are used by experts, finding effective approaches to deposition and rebuttal of modeling experts, and clearly communicating model results to fact finders. The article can be accessed in the October 23, 2017, issue of Law 360.

Dr. Greenblatt, a principal at Integral Consulting Inc., is a water resources engineer with 20 years of specialized experience in hydrodynamic, water quality, and sediment investigations. She has applied her expertise in numerous litigation cases. For more information, contact Dr. Greenblatt at

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