Integral to Cosponsor Nevada Lithium Workshop
February 24, 2017

Integral scientists Sean Kosinski, P.Hg., and William Cutler, Ph.D., P.G., will be attending the Lithium Brine Extraction and Regulation in Nevada Workshop, on February 28, 2017, in Las Vegas. Integral will also be serving as a bronze-level sponsor for the event.

With growing worldwide demand, lithium is a critical resource used in battery manufacturing for devices such as cell phones and electric hybrid vehicles. Integral staff provide support to lithium producers by performing geological studies, resource assessments, numerical modeling, and optimization work at active brine extraction and lithium processing facilities.

Presented by the Nevada Water Resources Association, the half-day workshop will offer attendees information on brine resources in Nevada, an overview of water rights, and an explanation of regulations. This informative workshop will feature presenters from geotechnical and hydrogeological consulting firms, mining and civil engineering firms, environmental testing laboratories, and the Nevada Division of Water Resources. Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to further examine topics with the presenters at an end-of-the-day panel discussion.

Mr. Kosinski is professional hydrogeologist with 16 years of experience specializing in numerical simulation of hydrologic systems. His projects include hydrogeological studies and lithium brine and freshwater resource assessments work. As part of this work, he has assessed the magnitude of lithium reserves and identified tools to develop numerical models to maximize sustainable development of the lithium and freshwater resources. In addition, he has evaluated and supported sustainable use of freshwater resources in lithium manufacturing operations.

A professional geologist with 30 years of experience, Dr. Cutler is well versed in managing all aspects of environmental projects including strategy development, study design, technology assessments, and senior management and agency communications. He developed a brine reservoir model for the Michigan Basin, and performed resource and reserve evaluations for lithium brine reservoirs. His lithium projects span the full spectrum of lithium mining and brine resource management.

For more information on Integral’s related capabilities, contact Mr. Kosinski at, or Dr. Cutler at