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Integral Senior Consultants to Attend and Coauthor Presentation at Dioxin 2017

Graham Ansell, Ph.D., Senior Consultant at Integral Consulting Inc., will attend the 37th International Symposium on Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants—Dioxin 2017, held August 20–25, 2017, in Vancouver, British Columbia.  A poster coauthored by Senior Consultant Philip Goodrum, Ph.D., DABT, will be on display at this year’s symposium.  Dioxin 2017 will feature presentations on cutting-edge scientific research on analytical and environmental chemistry, molecular biology, human health, risk assessment, and risk management.

On August 25, Bob Budinsky, Ph.D., of Dow Chemical will present a poster titled “An Evaluation of Underlying Assumptions and Decisions in Deriving TCDD’s Reference Dose:  Scientifically Supportable Alternative RfD Values.”  Coauthored by Drs. Laurie Haws and Daniele Wikoff of ToxStrategies, and Dr. Goodrum, this poster shows how key sources of variability and uncertainty in the human study data for dioxin can be quantitatively evaluated to support a distribution of RfDs for dioxin.

Integral has extensive experience with historical manufacturing processes that generate dioxin, modeling the fate and transport and migration of dioxin, fingerprinting analysis of dioxin and furan congeners, and the use of statistical methods for source identification of dioxins.

Dr. Ansell is an organic chemist who specializes in the analysis of historical chemical manufacturing operations, historical chemical waste disposal practices, the formation of dioxins/furans from manufacturing processes, and analysis of dioxin/furan congener and homolog profiles.  He has experience in Superfund litigation, including providing expert report and rebuttal report analysis, chemical fingerprinting for dioxins/furans, evaluation of chemical fate and transport, and analysis of historical chemical manufacturing and waste disposal practices.

Dr. Goodrum specializes in human health and ecological risk assessment, sediment remediation, groundwater compliance monitoring, and natural resource damage assessment.  He has extensive experience with emerging contaminants and yet-to-be regulated chemicals such as perfluoroalkyl substances, and has developed strategies to characterize and manage risks associated with emerging contaminants, dioxins/furans, PCBs, pesticides, metals, methylmercury, and petroleum hydrocarbons.

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