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Integral Scientists to Attend Marine Renewable Energy Events in Portland, Oregon

Integral employs numerical modeling tools to assess potential effects of tidal turbine arrays.

Marine renewable energy (MRE) studies require accurate assessments of site-specific resources and potential environmental effects—including interactions with marine animals, habitats, and ecosystem processes—to reduce the time and costs associated with resource management, permitting, and operations. Integral Consulting Inc. scientists have extensive experience with state-of-the-science modeling and measurement tools to support MRE studies. The goals of these projects include minimizing environmental effects while maximizing energy production and thus reducing costs of marine renewable energy. To further their knowledge and network with other professionals in the marine energy sector, Integral scientists Grace Chang, Ph.D., Kara Scheu, Ph.D., and Frank Spada will attend three MRE events on September 12–15 in Portland, Oregon.

On September 12, Drs. Chang and Scheu will attend the 2nd Annual Pacific Region Marine Renewables Environmental Regulatory Workshop. This workshop will examine interactions of MRE devices with marine animals, habitats, and ecosystem processes, and also discuss standardization of environmental monitoring programs. Learn more about the workshop here.

On September 13 and 14, Dr. Chang, Dr. Scheu, and Mr. Spada will attend the 12th Annual Ocean Renewable Energy Conference (OREC). OREC provides a forum for researchers, policy makers, academia, and others to share new information on policies and implementation, with a focus on development for West Coast wave energy projects. Learn more about OREC here.

On September 15, Dr. Chang, Dr. Scheu, and Mr. Spada will attend the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center (NNMREC) Annual Meeting. One of three U.S. Department of Energy–funded centers charged with facilitating the development of MRE technology via research, education, and outreach, NNMREC focuses on wave energy, tidal energy, and offshore wind energy. Explore NNMREC’s web site here.

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