Integral Scientists Coauthor Article on Produced Water in Environmental Claims Journal
June 3, 2016

Christopher Lyles, Mala Pattanayek, and Bridgette DeShields of Integral Consulting Inc. (Integral) have coauthored a May 2016 article in Environmental Claims Journal, titled “Produced Water—Emerging Challenges, Risks, and Opportunities,” with Earl Hagström of Sedgwick LLP. Produced water, a by-product of oil and gas production, could be a part of the water resource solution in an era of record-breaking drought and continued water resource challenges. The article discusses the state of produced water generation, current handling practices, and constituents of potential concern in produced water, and explores various reuse options and the environmental issues, risks, potential liabilities, and regulatory policies associated with reuse of produced water. In addition, the article examines technical aspects of agricultural use of produced water, discusses costs, and provides insight on legal implications, public perception, and the future of water in the West.

Earl L. Hagström, Christopher Lyles, Mala Pattanayek, Bridgette DeShields, and Mark P. Berkman. 2016. Produced Water—Emerging Challenges, Risks, and Opportunities. Environmental Claims Journal. 28(2):122–139.

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