Integral Principal David Revell Interviewed in Los Angeles Times Article on Sea Level Rise
February 24, 2020

David Revell, Ph.D., Integral Principal, contributes his insights on planning for sea level rise in a February 24 article in the Los Angeles Times. The article features one of Dr. Revell’s projects—coastal vulnerability and adaptation planning for sea level rise in the City of Marina, California. In addition to his technical work on updating the City’s local coastal program, Dr. Revell assists in stakeholder engagement on coastal vulnerabilities and potential adaptation strategies.

David Revell, Ph.D., is known for his work in evaluating and managing sea level rise.

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A coastal geomorphologist known for his work in helping various cities and counties evaluate coastal hazards and adapt to sea level rise, Dr. Revell recently joined Integral’s Marine Science and Engineering practice. He has more than 25 years of expertise in marine and estuarine processes, particularly at the intersection of science and management of coastal processes and climate change. He has served as a technical advisor and facilitator to multiple federal, state, and local jurisdictions related to sea level rise, sediment management, and a variety of contentious ocean, estuary, and coastal management issues.

Other recent hires in Integral’s Marine Science and Engineering practice include Patrick Friend, Matthew Jamieson, and Cheryl Hapke. All significantly expand Integral’s capabilities in coastal hazard analysis, adaptation planning, and coastal resilience.

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