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Integral Consulting Opens Office in Miami, Florida

 Integral Consulting Opens Office in Miami, Florida

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Christopher Flanary, Ph.D. 

Senior Scientist  


Science and engineering firm Integral Consulting Inc. (Integral) announces the opening of a new office in Miami, Florida, expanding its environmental consulting services to clients throughout the southeast. With 20 offices across the country, this is Integral’s first office in Florida. Services will focus on marine science and engineering, with specific emphasis on oceanography, coastal modeling and monitoring, and beach and coral reef protection.

“We are delighted for this opportunity to deliver innovative environmental services to local clients in Florida,” said Bill Locke, P.E., Integral President. “Opening this office allows us to provide marine science and engineering solutions for clients in ports, government, industry, and law firms.”

 Christopher Flanary, Ph.D., will lead the new office, which is conveniently located in Miami Beach. A physical oceanographer, Dr. Flanary’s work ranges from ocean and coastal modeling to field deployment of oceanographic instrumentation. The new office address is

350 Lincoln Road, 2nd Floor
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(786) 485-2673

In Florida, protecting the environment through sustainable activities is a priority. A world-class tourist destination known for its beaches and vibrant urban scene, Miami is close to national treasures such as Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park, an underwater park filled with coral reefs. As part of its  marine services, Integral brings leading-edge technologies, including techniques for monitoring water quality, and a full suite of predictive modeling capabilities. Integral also provides state-of-the-science analyses and consulting to assess potential chemicals of concern in the marine environment. The firm’s services span sediment and contaminant transport studies, oceanographic and coastal studies, marine renewable energy studies, and environmental risk and damage assessments.

Integral offers advanced technologies, which include in situ instrumentation using optical sensors  (OPTICS) to support high-frequency determination of suspended solids and dissolved and particulate contaminant concentrations over extended time periods. Other techniques include  SEDflume, for critical information on site-specific sediment transport, and sediment profile imaging (SPI), a survey method that rapidly maps large areas of the seafloor.

Founded in 2002, Integral is a leader in providing innovative solutions to client challenges. Past Integral projects in the Florida area include litigation on Florida v. Georgia and technical support in response to the Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico. For more information on Integral and its services, contact Dr. Flanary at (786) 485-2673, or




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