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Integral Consulting Inc. Has Named Ian Voparil, Ph.D., to Lead its Offshore Wind Team

Integral Consulting Inc. has named Ian Voparil, Ph.D., to lead its offshore wind team.

Dr. Voparil is an energy professional with more than 15 years of experience developing offshore energy projects and managing risks for a global portfolio of oil and gas projects and operations. He is known across the energy industry for creating partnerships and collaborations on science, infrastructure, and sustainability that lead to win–win solutions.

“We are embracing offshore wind as a critical part of our future. We are happy to bring Ian onboard as his experience, expertise, and relationships will strengthen the key services needed to unlock offshore wind for our clients,” Integral president Bill Locke said.

“I’m delighted to join the Integral team at this exciting time,” Dr. Voparil said. “In my past, I’ve experienced some of the challenges that offshore wind faces today and believe that our team can make a real difference in the success of offshore wind.”

One of Dr. Voparil’s first initiatives is to help energy clients convert key risks into opportunities during project development. “Offshore wind has come to the U.S. at a time when technology and innovation will allow us to create homegrown economic opportunity and decarbonize part of our energy system, while also improving protection of marine mammals and affording co-existence with other important ocean users like fisheries,” he said.

How will we do it? “By addressing the big opportunities right from the start, building partnerships with those who may have a different point of view, but are willing to work and learn together. And with Integral’s experts in ocean science, economics, and impact assessment, we will provide science and credible information to make offshore wind a success for everyone,” Dr. Voparil said.

Dr. Voparil formerly led an energy company’s response to climate change impacts on U.S. Gulf Coast assets and operations. He oversaw risk, capital projects portfolio, commercial contingency strategy, external collaborations, and public relations activities. He has collaborated to create partnership agreements with other energy companies, local and state agencies, and NGOs to protect areas of national significance due to societal value, biodiversity, ecosystem services, and energy infrastructure.

Dr. Voparil is based in Integral’s Portland, Maine, office. He can be reached directly at

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