Our Values

Insight for an Evolving World

Our mission is to provide technical insight, strategy, and project delivery to help our clients move forward in an evolving world.  We seek to achieve this mission by creating a business culture of client service, technical excellence, innovation, and collaboration.  Equally, we hold ourselves to strong internal commitments to health and safety, sustainability, diversity, mutual respect, collegiality, and the professional development of our staff.

Culture and Core Values

We are a company of accomplished and motivated individuals who work at Integral because of its vital and distinctive culture grounded in collaboration, mutual respect, and technical excellence. We believe our core values drive our day-to-day interactions with each other and fuel top performance for our clients.

Commitment to Staff

From the beginning, we’ve known our people are our strength. Attaining any of our other goals would be impossible without the commitment and engagement of our staff. For this to happen, we work hard to foster a collegial working environment that recognizes the contributions of every employee, promotes collaboration and innovation, and demands mutual respect in all professional interactions. We provide opportunities for open communication across all levels, encourage effective mentoring relationships and continuing education, and strive for a professional environment that supports a healthy work–life balance.

Commitment to Clients

Our commitment to clients means they can bring us their challenges and depend on us to deliver exceptional results when it really matters. Whether they’re looking for regulatory, legal, or product liability solutions, we have the expertise and experience to deliver the right strategies and insights. Our diverse and talented team works together without impediment, and this lets us better serve our clients. For us, collaboration is both a core value and a business strategy.

Commitment to Health and Safety

Creating a safe and healthy working environment is our greatest responsibility to our staff and their families. That is why company health and safety initiatives and staff safety awareness are top priorities at Integral. We strive to achieve a work environment that is free from injury and complies with all applicable health and safety laws, requirements, and standards. Everyone at Integral participates in our corporate health and safety efforts, from executive management to interns.

Commitment to Quality

We take pride that Integral is recognized in the industry as a top-quality science and engineering consulting firm. And we know this reputation rests equally on the individual professional accomplishments of our staff and the company’s track record for developing high-quality, innovative, and often game-changing solutions. Integral’s Quality Management Program starts with the understanding that delivering quality services to help our clients meet their goals is a bottom line commitment and the lifeblood of our business.

Commitment to Diversity

We understand the value of a diverse workforce. Integral is committed to inclusivity in recruiting and staff development to strengthen our organization, and we are working harder than ever to instill diversity awareness in our staff. And in an industry where women and minorities are often underrepresented, we are proud to support professional initiatives and STEM education programs that are working to reverse the trend.

Commitment to Sustainability

Much of our work makes a difference on environmental issues, and Integral as a company is also firmly committed to sustainable environmental practices. We are doing our part to contribute to an improved quality of life and the protection of our natural environment by reducing our consumption of energy and materials, maximizing our recycling opportunities, and giving back to the communities that sustain us. We incorporate sustainable practices into our daily operations and support our clients’ efforts to improve their sustainability performance.