Health & Safety

At Integral, we know our employees are our most important asset and protecting them is our greatest responsibility. Therefore, employee protection is a top management priority. We strive to achieve a healthy work environment that is free from injury and complies with all applicable federal and state laws, requirements, and standards.

Our Commitment to Health and Safety

Everyone at Integral is expected to support and participate in the Integral health and safety program, from upper management to each employee. All employees have stop-work authority and are encouraged to stop work any time unsafe acts are observed. Managers ensure that employees are properly trained and informed of safety rules, regulations, and potential hazards. Integral’s health and safety program operates under the purview of a corporate health and safety committee and office safety committees. Annual audits of offices and field operations are conducted to provide an ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of our Corporate Health and Safety Program Plan and site-specific health and safety plans.

Integral is enrolled in two contractor safety prequalification programs: PICs and ISNetworld. These programs provide independent third-party verification of our safety program and incident rates.

For information on our health and safety performance, contact Matt Behum at