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Groundwater Modeling: Sean Kosinski Coauthors NGWA White Paper

Sean KosinskiSean Kosinski, P.Hg., senior consultant at Integral Consulting Inc. (Integral), recently coauthored a white paper on groundwater modeling that was published by the National Groundwater Association (NGWA).  In “Applications of Groundwater Modeling for Decision-Making in Water Management and Engineering with Water Supply and Remediation Case Studies,” Mr. Kosinski and other members of the NGWA Groundwater Modeling Advisory Panel explain the foundation of groundwater models and how they can be used to support decisions.  The authors also give guidance on how to select the appropriate model for decision-making purposes and present case studies where models were successfully applied.

Read the white paper.

NGWA is a professional society and trade association for the global groundwater industry.  Its members include groundwater scientists and engineers, water well system professionals, manufacturers, and suppliers of groundwater-related products and services.  In 2016, NGWA formed the Groundwater Modeling Advisory Panel with the goal of advancing the state of groundwater modeling through information exchange and outreach to groundwater professionals.  Learn more about the panel.

Mr. Kosinski is a professional hydrogeologist with 17 years of expertise in numerical simulation of hydrologic systems.  As a numerical modeler, he has developed deterministic and stochastic flow and transport models, performed independent reviews of hydrologic investigations and models, developed basin-scale hydrologic budgets, and acquired and statistically analyzed field and laboratory data.  Contact Mr. Kosinski at

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