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Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

To enhance our client services, Integral has strategic alliances with selected consultants and organizations in areas that complement our technical and strategic capabilities.

The following is a list of our current alliances:

D’Appolonia S.p.A.
D’Appolonia S.p.A. develops and offers engineering services such as consulting engineering, design, project management and control, special studies, and operability assurance. With a staff of about 700 engineers, scientists, and associated professionals located in 20 offices worldwide, D’Appolonia offers high-end services to investors, promoters, operators, and contractors, as well as to insurers and public administrations, to support their initiatives.

EIH Estudio de Ingeniería Hidráulica S.A.
Since its founding in 1973, EIH Estudio de Ingeniería Hidráulica S.A. has developed an intense activity in the field of hydraulics, with particular interest in harbours, waterways, water resources management, urban and rural drainage, and environmental impact studies. Many of the professionals who work at EIH Estudio de Ingeniería Hidráulica S.A. are acknowledged professors of universities in Argentina and abroad, and have authored several studies and papers that have appeared in prestigious publications and international seminars.

ERM is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, and social consulting services. With sustainability at the heart of both ERM’s services and how it operates its business, ERM is committed to providing a service that is consistently of the highest quality.

GEI Consultants, Inc.
GEI Consultants, Inc. brings to its clients a refreshing blend of technical expertise, collaborative spirit, and innovation that is rare in the profession of engineering and science consulting. GEI is a trusted source of technical expertise to hundreds of clients nationwide who value high quality service and work products, and who seek a strong partner to achieve their desired project outcomes. Founded in 1970, GEI has completed more than 35,000 projects in all 50 states and 25 countries.

H.T. Harvey & Associates
Since 1970, the highly trained ecologists and professionals at H.T. Harvey & Associates have delivered exceptional consulting services to public agencies, private entities, and nonprofit organizations. The expertise of our staff encompasses a wide range of biological and design disciplines required to perform high-quality work on ecological projects.

Orbicon A/S
A Danish technical advisory services firm, Orbicon A/S provides engineering consultancy services in the fields of construction, environment, environmental technology, the working environment, organizing, and planning. Orbicon advises on technology, legislation, and economy. It offers services to help customers design, plan, and implement construction projects, environmental projects, and projects aimed at the working environment and organizational and institutional building. In addition, Orbicon takes on tasks related to environmental technology, as well as programs for monitoring the environment.