Technical Integrity / Collaboration / Exceptional Results


Integral staff have applied their outstanding technical skills to hundreds of projects in more than 40 countries, solving client challenges while often reducing project cost. We uphold high ethical standards, a value that is reflected in our work with clients and one another. Our commitment to technical integrity means that our clients can depend on Integral to provide reliable, high-quality services.

Integral key staff supporting international projects are listed below.

Mike Ammann William Locke, P.E.
Linda J. Baker, R.G., L.H.G. Michael J. Martin, P.E.
Ann E. Bradley Todd Martin, P.E.
Grace Chang, Ph.D. Erin Palko, P.G., LSRP
Craig A. Jones, Ph.D. Robert Pastorok, Ph.D.
William Cutler, Ph.D., P.G. Mala Pattanayek
Bridgette R. DeShields Benjamin G. Petri, Ph.D.
Judi L. Durda Damian V. Preziosi
Christopher James Flanary, Ph.D. Kaustubha Raghukumar, Ph.D.
Avram Frankel, P.E. Gene Revelas
Tyler E. Gass, P.G., P.Hg. Jennifer Sampson
Patrick O. Gwinn John Samuelian, Ph.D.
Jane Hamblen Kara R. Scheu
Lucinda Jacobs, Ph.D. Frank W. Spada
Russell E. Keenan, Ph.D. Jane L. Sund, P.E.
Sean Kosinski, P.Hg. Mandy Tulich
James Lape Kenia Whitehead, Ph.D.