Envision a World Connected by Data
April 20, 2020

Share and explore your data with customized interactive web-based applications

In the shadow of a global pandemic, the landscape of our everyday lives has shifted dramatically. As we swap face-to-face meetings and handshakes for webcams and chat emojis, sharing and exploring data doesn’t have to be limited to the coders and data scientists. With Integral’s interactive web-based applications, your entire team can access, explore, and visualize your data to help you make real-time, collaborative, data-driven decisions to support management of your projects. Our statisticians and data scientists have built several applications ranging from simple data summary dashboards to in-depth chemical forensic analyses, remediation alternatives analysis for risk reduction, and much more. Explore our demonstration applications at envision.integral-corp.com.

Let us help you visualize, explore, communicate, and play with your data from wherever you are. For more information, contact us at envision@integral-corp.com.

View Denver Front Range Study example here.