Environmental Remediation: Integral to Present at Battelle 2018 Chlorinated Conference
April 9, 2018

Integral Consulting Inc. (Integral) scientists will deliver platform and poster presentations at Battelle’s Eleventh International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds. Held on April 8–12, 2018, at the Palm Springs Convention Center, this year’s conference will feature presentations on remediation technologies, fractured rock characterization, strategies for challenging site conditions, fate and transport, and more. Integral presenters are Steven Helgen, Erin Palko, P.G., LSRP, and Mala Pattanayek. Principal Avram Frankel, P.E., will attend the conference.

Poster Presentations

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Session B7. Lessons Learned with In Situ Technologies
39. Implementation Lessons Learned from a VOC-Contaminated Coastal Site in Monterey, California
A. Halmstad, A. Frankel, D. Moser, T. Wotan, C. Sandefur, and S. Nigro
Poster Presenter: Craig Sandefur (REGENESIS)

Session E5. Large, Dilute and Commingled Plume Case Studies
166. Site Characterization in Fractured Bedrock for Source Identification and Commingled Plume Evaluation
E. Palko and J. Hochreiter
Poster Presenter: Erin Palko, P.G., LSRP, Senior Consultant (Integral Consulting Inc.)

Session F6. TPH Risk Assessment and Metabolites
213. Current State of Cleanup Levels and Approaches for Petroleum-Contaminated Sites
M. Pattanayek, R. Thun, and R. Scofield
Poster Presenter: Mala Pattanayek, Senior Consultant (Integral Consulting Inc.)

Platform Presentations

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Session B7. Lessons Learned with In Situ Technologies
8:25–8:50 a.m. Site-Specific Desorption Testing of Perfluorononanoic Acid (PFNA) to Assess Potential Soil Leaching to Groundwater
S. Helgen, M. Marietta, C. Hutchings, and E. Palko
Platform Speaker: Steven Helgen, Principal (Integral Consulting Inc.)

The 2018 chlorinated conference is Battelle’s largest technical program to date, and is expected to draw more than 1,600 attendees from 30 countries.
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