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We apply our breadth of engineering expertise to remediation, stormwater, water supply, and development projects.  From legal support to project planning through construction, our engineering teams develop practical solutions to solve our clients’ challenges.  We prepare engineering plans and specifications, obtain permits, provide construction management, and optimize existing treatment systems.


Our clients rely on our expertise in contaminated soil, sediment, and groundwater remediation.  We conduct thorough engineering evaluations, and design and implement remedial actions on publicly and privately owned properties, including public waterways.  Using our robust understanding of the conceptual site model and our depth of knowledge and experience of remedial technologies and their application, we implement remediation programs that work.

Emerging Contaminants | RCRA Corrective Action | CERCLA Remediation | Environmental Cost Allocation | Remediation Cost Estimating | Voluntary Cleanup | Remedy Selection | In Situ Remediation | Groundwater Treatment Technologies


We offer a comprehensive approach to stormwater management.  From simple, facility-level stormwater sampling for permit compliance, to more complex sampling for basin-wide source control evaluation, we devise practical stormwater monitoring programs.  We integrate these data, supplementing with treatability studies and modeling as needed, to design and implement effective stormwater treatment systems.

Best Management Practices (BMPs) | Engineering and Sustainable Design | Source Identification and Mass Loading | Legal Support | Permit Compliance

Construction Management

We regularly act as owners’ representatives and assist construction management teams during remediation and redevelopment.  Our quality assurance monitoring and contract management services ensure that projects are completed as designed, achieve redevelopment and/or remediation goals, and minimize transactional risk.  During construction, our experienced staff readily respond to and provide solutions for unforeseen site conditions.  With our focused construction management approach, we proactively prevent cost overruns and schedule delays for our clients.

Construction Risk Management | Quality Assurance Monitoring | Owner’s Representative

Control systems

Our engineers install and optimize programmable control systems to provide robust system monitoring and control.  We develop customized monitoring and notification structures to maximize proactive maintenance—rather than reactive, unplanned maintenance that leads to system downtime (and potential violations).  Our configuration of new telemetry and process monitoring sensors continually improves system operations and efficiency.  We allow our clients to better plan maintenance, which maximizes their constrained budgets.

Automation | Treatment System Controls | Remote Monitoring

Water Supply

Our specialized engineering and expert legal services address both conventional and emerging contaminants in water supplies.  We have wide-ranging experience—including aquifer restoration and wellhead treatment, with a particular focus on the intersection of remediation and supply.  Our clients trust our expertise in established and innovative technologies to solve their engineering problems.

Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) | Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) | Risk Management | PFAS | 1,2,3-Trichloropropane | 1,4-Dioxane | Groundwater Treatment Technologies

Where Will You Get Your Water? A Project Example.


Increasing hazards associated with storm surges, rising sea levels, and higher intensity weather events highlight the importance of resilient strategies to address risks related to the changing climate as well as other threats.  We work collaboratively to develop resilient infrastructure and operational solutions for clients—achieving compliance and mitigating or eliminating risks while protecting human health and the environment.

Sustainability | Climate Change and Coastal Protection | Decision Analysis | Habitat Enhancement | Adaptive Design


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Cleanup and protection of waterways is facing ever-expanding challenges, ranging from emerging contaminants to the assessment of conditions in real time, to untangling complex histories.

The Benthic Zone newsletter is the place where Integral scientists and engineers share their expertise, running the gamut of topics related to investigation, forensic evaluation, modeling, and remediation of contaminated sediments. Take a look under the water with us.

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