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Emerging Contaminants: Janet Anderson to Offer Guidance on Managing Risks

Janet AndersonContaminants of emerging concern, also known as “emerging contaminants,” continue to be a hot topic for many industries.  For professionals engaged in corporate and real estate deals, effectively managing regulatory and health risk uncertainties associated with contaminants for which there is little regulatory guidance can be a challenge.  Integral Consultant Janet Anderson, Ph.D., DABT, will present on emerging contaminants at the conference on Sustainable Property and Asset-Based Transactions: Closing Deals and Capturing Market Opportunities, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 11–13, 2017.  Dr. Anderson will describe how and why certain chemicals become “emerging contaminants” and how stakeholders can track and develop appropriate risk management options.

On Wednesday, April 12, Dr. Anderson will speak at an afternoon session titled “Emerging Contaminants, Regulatory and Health Risk Uncertainty, Managing the Risks to Business and the Environment.”  This session will address key emerging contaminants such as 1,4‑dioxane and per- and polyfluorinated substances, and explain the inconsistent regulatory framework surrounding these contaminants and treatment/remediation concerns.

Hosted by RTM Communications, Inc., the conference will focus on the effect environmental risk has on real estate deals and property management, and offer perspectives on contaminated property, asset-based transactions, and sustainable redevelopment issues.  Conference attendees can also earn continuing legal education credits.  Visit for more information and to register.

A human health toxicologist and environmental risk assessor, Dr. Anderson provides toxicology expertise and consultation on emerging contaminants and federal and state environmental guidance and policies.  She has developed risk management strategies to mitigate human health impacts and address associated environmental liability.  In addition, Dr. Anderson tracks regulatory changes for emerging contaminants in the U.S. and internationally and has managed numerous Superfund chemical assessments.

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