Emerging Contaminants—Janet Anderson to Discuss Latest Trends
June 1, 2017

Janet AndersonRegulations and requirements surrounding contaminants of emerging concern, also known as “emerging contaminants,” are constantly changing, and keeping track of the latest developments can be challenging. On June 8, 2017, Integral Consultant Janet Anderson, Ph.D., DABT, will speak at the continuing education course Remediation of Emerging Contaminants: Trends in Science and Regulations, held at Montclair State University in New Jersey. Presented in cooperation with the New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professionals Association (LSRPA), this 1-day program will provide technical and regulatory reviews of current developments in emerging contaminants and share issues and concerns from stakeholder and legal perspectives. Integral Senior Consultant Erin Palko, P.G., LSRP, will also attend.

As part of the technical review segment, Dr. Anderson will present “Uncertainty in the Science of Toxicity and Emerging Contaminants.”  In this platform, she will explain exactly what makes a contaminant “emerging”; educate the audience on important aspects of risk assessment science and divergent regulatory policy decisions, using 1,4-dioxane and perfluoroalkyl substances as examples; and highlight how federal and state agencies address emerging contaminants differently.  Finally, Dr. Anderson will present tools and solutions for stakeholders to consider when faced with potential emerging contaminant liability.

Dr. Anderson is a human health toxicologist and environmental risk assessor.  She provides toxicology expertise and consultation on emerging contaminants and federal and state environmental guidance and policies.  Dr. Anderson has established risk management strategies to mitigate human health impacts and address associated environmental liability.  She also tracks regulatory changes for emerging contaminants in the U.S. and internationally and has managed numerous Superfund chemical assessments.

In addition to learning valuable and timely information, attendees of the course can also earn continuing education credits.  Click here to view the program agenda and register.

For more information about Integral’s related capabilities, contact Dr. Anderson at janderson@integral-corp.com.