Coastal Conference: Integral to Present on Coastal Resiliency, Risk, and Adaptation at ASBPA
October 6, 2020
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Integral Consulting staff Craig Jones, Ph.D., David Revell, Ph.D., Cheryl Hapke, Ph.D., and Patrick Friend, Ph.D., P.G., will discuss a variety of coastal-related topics at the American Shore & Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) National Coastal Conference. Held on October 13–16, 2020, the annual conference will be hosted online. Integral is a gold sponsor for the event. All Integral staff will be available to answer questions during online call sessions that can be scheduled via the conference scheduling application.

Topics for call sessions with Integral staff include:

  • Coastal Site Characterization and Assessment
  • Coastal Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
  • Sea Level Rise Adaptation
  • Post-event Assessment and Resiliency Planning
  • Geologic Framework: Geomorphic and Geophysical Investigation
  • Coastal Program Management and Coordination

Schedule of Integral’s Technical Sessions

Tuesday, October 13

Concurrent Session B, 2:50–4:10 p.m., Eastern
3B – Green/Grey Infrastructure and Living Shorelines II
Living Shorelines: Perspectives and Projects from a Wandering Geomorphologist
Presenter: David Revell

Concurrent Session B, 2:50–4:10 p.m., Eastern
4B – Sea Level Rise Guidance, Planning and Policy I
Model-based Decision Support for Coastal Hazard Evaluation and Adaptation: Coastal ADAPT
Presenter: Cheryl Hapke

Wednesday, October 14

Concurrent Session E, 4:20–5:40 p.m., Eastern
3E – Lagoon, Wetland, Marsh, and Estuary Restoration and Enhancement I
Effects of Dam Removal Sediment Releases on Coastal Lagoon Dynamics and Ecosystems
Presenter: Craig Jones

Thursday, October 15

Concurrent Session F, 1:00–2:20 p.m., Eastern
4F: Resilience and Adaptation II
Moderator: Cheryl Hapke

Concurrent Session G, 2:50–4:10 p.m., Eastern
4G: The Role of Coastal Resilience in the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development
Moderator: Cheryl Hapke

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