Centredale Fieldwork Continues Amid Pandemic Thanks to Field Program Management Plan
May 20, 2020

Integral scientist Charles Shaw wears a face mask while performing fieldwork at the Centredale site.

Field activities at the Centredale Manor Restoration Project Superfund site in North Providence, Rhode Island, are being performed under Integral’s new guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff.

To maintain physical distancing while performing field tasks at Centredale, Integral staff have adjusted the way they conduct fieldwork. Our staff are making modifications such as using larger vessels to perform on-water work, maintaining individual workstations, and dividing tasks to avoid sharing equipment. In addition, field staff are wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, including masks distributed by the company. The Centredale field team has also performed additional pre-field planning regarding travel logistics, workflow, and equipment needs.

The fieldwork includes collection of river flow data for development of a hydrodynamic model for the two site ponds, surface water sample collection, and piezometer and staff gauge monitoring.

In April 2020, Integral developed a COVID-19 Field Program Management Plan to guide field activities. Across the company, our fieldwork continues with increased involvement and support from Corporate Health and Safety Officer Matt Behum and Director of Operations Sandy Browning.

We are committed to providing a high level of service to our clients while implementing measures to ensure the safety of our staff, clients, vendors, and community. Contact Patrick Gwinn at pgwinn@integral-corp.com or Sandy Browning at sbrowning@integral-corp.com for more information.