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Risk Assessment

Integral scientists strategically employ a full range of risk assessment tools and approaches to evaluate product-specific and site-specific risks under a variety of regulatory paradigms. Our findings are supported effectively in detailed written reports, focused public communication documents, and public and regulatory presentations.

Peru ChildrenExposure Assessment

Integral scientists identify site-specific data needs and develop research programs, studies, and work plans to resolve underlying sources of uncertainty that may critically impact the outcomes of risk assessments, toxicological and exposure evaluations, and regulations.

Probabilistic AssessmentProbabilistic Assessment

Our scientists are skilled in applying probabilistic analysis to human health risk assessments. Using Monte Carlo analysis and regulator-approved modeling techniques, we effectively characterize variability and uncertainty in risk, leading to enhanced site decision-making.

Dose ReconstructionDose Reconstruction

Integral scientists use multiple tools for estimating potential exposures based on site or product characteristics, and for discerning potential sources responsible for observed or alleged health effects or human body burdens of chemicals.

Site-specific Risk AssessmentSite-specific Risk Assessment

Integral scientists have conducted hundreds of site-specific human health risk assessments across North America. We have extensive experience under regulatory programs including Superfund, RCRA, NEPA, the Clean Air Act, and Canadian environmental programs, as well as a variety of state programs and are accomplished in the site investigation process.