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Product Stewardship

Integral assists clients in determining the health, safety, and environmental impacts of their products and processes.
Product stewardship seeks to minimize the health, safety, environmental, and social impacts of a product throughout all life cycle stages. Before a product is manufactured, Integral provides toxicology, exposure assessment, and risk assessment services to verify regulatory compliance. We also assist clients in responding to the increased requirements of the amended Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), and mandatory programs such as California’s Proposition 65, through the application of our multidisciplinary expertise. For enhanced safety and sustainability, we conduct alternative assessments to reduce the use or generation of hazardous substances.

Product Safety and Regulatory ComplianceProduct Safety and Regulatory Compliance

From evaluating compliance with state and federal regulations, to verifying that a new chemical ingredient is safe to use, our world-class scientists help clients bring products to market and communicate the safety of existing products. Integral’s support includes chemical analysis, literature compilation and evaluation, exposure and risk assessment, toxicological evaluation, and assessment of product composition and stability.

Human Health and Ecological Risk AssessmentHuman Health and Ecological Risk Assessment

Integral has performed hundreds of human health and ecological risk assessments under numerous regulations. We tailor the level of complexity in our analyses to the needs of individual projects to ensure cost-effective and scientifically defensible solutions. Our scientists are skilled in the application of technical tools, such as microexposure event modeling, and in the development and application of toxicity criteria.

Regulatory and Public CommunicationRegulatory and Public Communication

Our risk presentations to the manufacturers and users of industrial and commercial products have provided effective communication in the regulatory, legal, and public opinion arenas. We are skilled at “right-sizing” the message to fit the needs of the audience and have produced pamphlets, technical white papers, presentations, and regulatory review and response comment letters.

Litigation SupportLitigation Support

Integral’s principal toxicologists and ecologists have provided critical technical foundations for settling claims and minimizing costly litigation in toxic tort and product liability cases. When litigation is unavoidable, we have the specialized expertise to assist our clients in reaching an equitable outcome.