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Litigation Support

Integral’s litigation support services have provided critical technical foundations for settling claims and minimizing costly litigation. When litigation is unavoidable, we have the specialized expertise to assist our clients in reaching an equitable outcome. Our litigation support staff have outstanding academic, professional, and scientific credentials and are well published in their respective fields. Many have served as expert witnesses in court or provided expert opinions on cases involving engineering design and construction; sources and timing of contaminant releases; fate and transport of contaminants; toxicology, exposure assessment, potential risks to health or the environment, and air quality issues; damage claims arising from injuries to natural resources; appropriate remedial actions; and allocation and apportionment of responsibility for environmental response costs.

General Litigation SupportGeneral Litigation Support

Our scientists and engineers evaluate information and conduct thorough research and analysis to provide attorneys with a sound technical basis from which to manage their cases. Support includes identifying and effectively utilizing technical experts, evaluating and interpreting technical information, developing and running mathematical models, advising counsel during depositions, preparing effective trial exhibits, and participating in mediation and settlement negotiations.

Expert Witness TestimonyExpert Witness Testimony

Integral’s top consultants often serve as expert witnesses. With excellent credentials and high-level communications skills, our leading scientists and engineers provide compelling expert testimony in state, federal, and district courts across the nation.

Fate and TransportFate and Transport

Our staff have the technical expertise to successfully resolve questions on the nature, magnitude, fate, and transport of many contaminants including methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), dioxins/furans, mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), metals, chlorinated solvents, perfluorinated compounds, and other emerging contaminants.

Allocation and ApportionmentAllocation and Apportionment

The issues of divisibility, contribution, and allocation frequently arise in addressing response costs at multiparty environmental sites. We have extensive experience in developing sound technical methods to demonstrate divisibility, quantify contribution, and develop equitable allocation or apportionment formulas.


Identifying sources of contaminants and timing of environmental releases are important factors in understanding the fate and transport of chemicals, assessing remedial actions, and resolving complex questions concerning contribution and cost allocation at sites. Through forensic tools such as chemical fingerprinting, spatial data assessment, and statistical analyses, we document the sources of a broad range of organic and inorganic contaminants in the environment, and present the results of these analyses in a clear, understandable way.

Engineering and Design ConstructionEngineering Design and Construction

An important element to providing sound technical opinions is to evaluate the circumstances surrounding complicated engineering design and construction matters, including the intricacies of construction contracting. With an extensive background in engineering design, mathematics, statistics, and construction, our experts prepare and clearly present reliable opinions based on the scientific method.


Understanding bioavailability and quantifying the nature, magnitude, frequency, and duration of exposure provides additional perspective on risk allegations related to the potential health effects of chemical, biological, or physical contaminants in various media. By conducting thorough research and state-of-the-science evaluations of those contaminants, we provide strong technical foundations for settling claims and avoiding costly litigation in toxic tort and product liability cases.

Risk AssessmentRisk Assessment

If risks to human health or the environment are in question, we can conduct comprehensive exposure or risk assessments based on the best science. In some cases, we analyze plaintiff’s existing research or assessments to determine the validity of those results using robust agency-approved methods that we helped to develop, such as microexposure event modeling or dose-reconstruction techniques. These methods allow for an accurate and realistic assessment of potential risks.

Natural Resource DamagesNatural Resource Damages

The damage claims made by natural resource trustees can be large and carry with them high litigation costs. We understand all phases of the natural resource damage assessment process, including developing a technically sound basis for evaluating injury and assisting with cooperative assessments.

Data ManagementData Management

Integral is highly renowned for its expertise in designing databases and managing data, which has proved to be a tremendous asset to the legal team and technical experts in trial preparation.