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Modeling & Forensics

We support our clients, including potentially responsible parties and their counsel, by successfully applying a variety of environmental forensic tools and approaches to resolve questions on liability, timing and release, environmental fate and transport, correlation and differentiation, and allocation. Integral’s modeling expertise spans multiple technical disciplines, including groundwater and surface water hydrology and hydraulics, watershed and stormwater processes, chemical fate and transport, geochemistry, probabilistic analysis, and chemical loading analysis.

Chemical Source IdentificationChemical Source Identification

Integral has extensive experience in identifying the origin and timing of environmental releases. Tools include research on chemical production and use, employee interviews, chemical fate and transport analysis, and evaluation of chemical transformations and degradation in the environment.

Fate and Transport AnalysisFate and Transport Analysis

We perform expert quantitative, qualitative, statistical, and chemical analyses of chemical fate and transport. Our analyses can include modeling of physical and chemical processes, field and laboratory studies, evaluation of natural and enhanced attenuation, and chemical fingerprinting.

Chemical FingerprintingChemical Fingerprinting

Using a unique chemical signature, isotopic ratio, mineral species, or pattern analysis, Integral scientists can identify or distinguish chemical sources, reconstruct historical or ongoing loading patterns, date a particular event, or address causation or toxicity concerns.


Integral scientists have conducted numerous field and laboratory studies to evaluate the environmental influences of geochemical processes on groundwater, sediments, and surface water.

Hydrology and HydraulicsHydrology and Hydraulics

We are skilled in performing hydrologic and hydraulic analyses in support of environmental projects, water resource evaluations, and stormwater control efforts.

Allocation StrategiesAllocation Strategies

Integral scientists have developed successful apportionment formulas based on relative loads of problem substances; relative toxicity of chemicals attributed to different sources or parties; the value of lost resources; and remediation/restoration costs.