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Climate Change Risk

As the growing risks and opportunities resulting from climate change and energy issues increasingly drive business decisions and practices, our services address potential climate-related impacts. From developing carbon footprint strategies, conducting emissions inventories, benchmarking energy performance, and evaluating greenhouse gas mitigation and offset options to reporting results to stakeholders, our sustainability team provides turnkey climate solutions for our clients.

Coastal ProtectionCoastal Protection

Although the predictions of expected sea level rise (SLR) vary worldwide and include a level of uncertainty, SLR is an important consideration for coastal infrastructure with anticipated multi-decadal life spans. Integral is familiar with the most recent SLR predictions and routinely incorporates the available guidance into coastal infrastructure and shoreline protection designs.

Carbon Due DiligenceCarbon Due Diligence

Climate change presents both material risks and significant opportunities. Integral helps clients determine the value of their carbon emissions for internal decision-making, corporate reporting, mergers and acquisitions, and other business transactions.

Strategic Carbon Footprint EvaluationStrategic Carbon Footprint Evaluation

Integral has the skills to help organizations calculate their greenhouse gas baseline and determine the impacts of their operations on their greenhouse gas footprint. We provide expert analysis of energy consumption and emissions and help our clients develop environmentally sound processes and product lines.

Emissions VerificationEmissions Verification

Emissions verification is a necessary element in gaining credibility among stakeholders, selling greenhouse gas offset credits, and performing voluntary emission reporting. Integral provides independent, third party verification of your greenhouse gas emissions—an essential step in ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and transparency of your data.