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Biomonitoring is the measurement of chemical compounds, elements, or metabolites in biological substances (e.g., blood, urine, hair) from humans or other species. In studies that use biomonitoring, empirical data are obtained to assess exposures to environmental chemicals and to relate those exposures to potential adverse effects. Increasingly, biomonitoring data serve as evidence in litigation, as well as provide a stimulus for regulatory initiatives, including guidelines, standards, and health advisories for emerging contaminants.
Biomonitoring programs are implemented at local, state, and national levels, often with differing objectives and study designs. Many times, biomonitoring of a specific community is triggered by a chemical exposure, spill, or release, and frequently in the context of litigation proceedings. At the state and national levels, biomonitoring is typically a component of broader public health initiatives to understand the detection of chemicals in humans, the distribution of exposures among different subpopulations, trends over time, and potential links to health outcomes. Integral Consulting Inc. provides the following skills and services for clients facing diverse biomonitoring needs.

Study Design and ImplementationStudy Design and Implementation

Integral has expertise in study design and implementation, and in evaluating biomonitoring studies conducted by others. We assist in selection of the population to be evaluated, randomized statistical design, determination of the parameters to be measured, survey development, and sample collection and processing, including coordination of specialized services handled by phlebotomists and medical testing laboratories. We also provide direct third-party oversight for review of study components.

Laboratory Analysis Coordination and OversightLaboratory Analysis Coordination and Oversight

From finding the best laboratory for the job to reviewing and evaluating analytical methods, we offer a range of capabilities, including laboratory coordination, evaluation of analytical data, assessment of inter-laboratory variability, and laboratory audits and oversight.

Data Validation and Data ManagementData Validation and Data Management

Known for stringent data collection and management, Integral is called upon when rigorous standards and credible analysis and advice are essential. Our services span data quality evaluation, database design, and customized data management and support for data collection and reporting activities. Integral also performs data validation and overall assessment of data quality and usability.

Litigation SupportLitigation Support

Integral’s litigation support services provide critical technical foundations for resolving legal claims. Our support includes advising counsel prior to and during depositions, preparing effective trial exhibits, participating in mediation and settlement negotiations, and providing expert witness testimony.

Risk AssessmentRisk Assessment

Our scientists contribute to state and federal tools and guidance on risk assessment and serve on national and international scientific panels. With expertise ranging from evaluation of the association between exposure, other risk factors, and adverse health outcomes, to regulatory negotiations and stakeholder communication, we provide sound support and information. We also conduct exposure reconstruction and forensics analysis, interpret cohort exposures, and evaluate trends over time.