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Brownfields 2017: Kevin McCarty to Discuss Innovative Materials Management

Kevin McCartyIntegral Principal Kevin McCarty, P.G., will present on different approaches in alternative fill and fill reuse, and how to efficiently manage materials while reducing remediation and construction costs, during educational sessions at Brownfields 2017. The annual conference will be held on December 5–7 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

On December 5, during Track 7, “Liability & Enforcement and Cleanup and Remediation Approaches,” Mr. McCarty will contribute to a roundtable discussion titled “A Greener Path to the Landfills: Reuse of the Native Fill.” With speakers Youness Sharifi, Project Engineer at GEI Consultants, Inc., and Troy Conrad, Project Manager of the Land Recycling Program at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Mr. McCarty will discuss approaches to reduce the volume of solid waste shipped to landfills by reusing certain fill materials. This roundtable will also delve into the regulatory challenges involved in disposal and reuse of fill materials.

Also as part of Track 7, on December 6, Mr. McCarty will speak at a town hall meeting titled “Innovations in Materials Management,” which will focus on an innovative materials exchange program established in New York City that enables private developers and city agencies with surplus clean soil or asphalt millings to exchange this material with other construction projects. These reuse and exchange programs promote sustainable materials management, save money, and provide environmental benefits such as reduced truck traffic and reduced emissions. Other program presenters will include Daniel Walsh, Director, and Tara Ostock, Project Manager, of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation.

Mr. McCarty is a principal geologist with 30 years of experience providing investigative and remediation technical advice for a wide range of clients and projects. He is highly knowledgeable of brownfields management and redevelopment, and has performed environmental investigations and coordinated with agencies on cleanup agreements. He is known for his expertise in providing sustainable strategies for handling of solid waste, historical fill, and construction and demolition materials.

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