Breaking News, Science Updates on PFAS Chemicals
June 20, 2017

Integral Consulting recently launched a monthly newsletter tracking the latest science, technology, and regulatory developments on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).  These compounds, which are present in a broad array of consumer products including firefighting foams, nonstick cookware, food containers and personal care products, are being detected increasingly in groundwater and drinking water supplies nationally.  This is fueling a host of regulatory, litigation, and public outreach activities, affecting a broad suite of private and public sector stakeholders. The newsletter is developed to help all stakeholders navigate the rapidly evolving body of knowledge on PFAS compounds and provide the best data to support informed decision-making for risk management in both public and private sectors.

This groundbreaking monthly newsletter is authored by Integral staff deeply involved in PFAS issues nationwide, including our toxicologists who have been featured in leading industry publications, global conferences, and university panels on emerging contaminants, and our engineers who have designed treatment systems to remove these compounds from drinking water.

The newsletter covers the latest PFAS information, including the most important peer-reviewed publications, academic reports, media coverage, regulatory announcements, legislative decisions, and government agency documents worldwide.  Each edition contains a synopsis of the publication and its relevance to stakeholders along with hyperlinks to online source documents.

As an added bonus, newsletter subscriptions include mid-month e-mail notifications of breaking news updates for high priority alerts, library retrieval services for publications of interest, and access to Integral’s senior staff to discuss the potential relevance of information referenced in the alert to you or your organization.

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