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Arsenic Bioavailability: Bridgette DeShields to Present at CUPA Forum

Bridgette DeShieldsArsenic can be found naturally in the environment—but in some forms and concentrations, it can warrant remedial action. Integral Principal Bridgette DeShields will present on bioavailability of arsenic during a February 5 training session at the 20th Annual California CUPA Training Conference.   Assessing bioavailability—or how much of the contaminant is absorbed into the body after contact—is an important element of determining human and ecological exposure risk and the need for remedial action.

As part of her presentation, Ms. DeShields will discuss the approach for assessing arsenic bioavailability at a contaminated site, including sampling design, laboratory analysis, and the use of the results in risk-management decision-making.

The California CUPA Forum is a statewide alliance of Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs), overseen by the California Environmental Protection Agency, that carries out various hazardous materials regulatory programs and applies regulatory standards established by five different state agencies.

Held on February 5-8, 2018, in Burlingame, California, the CUPA Training conference provides training in a variety of related subjects.  Learn more about the conference.

Ms. DeShields is a specialist in regulatory strategy, site investigation, site remediation, sediment and water quality management, and environmental toxicology. She has managed programs ranging from large site investigations to screening and quantitative ecological and human health risk assessments. She also designed and participated in dredging program management, field evaluations, bioaccumulation studies, literature reviews, and specially designed study programs. Her technical expertise includes the area of bioaccumulation and bioavailability.  In addition, Ms. DeShields has extensive experience with California regulatory and permitting programs.

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