Air Emissions Risk Assessments: Integral Leads Workshop at NCASI Meeting
September 20, 2017

Jim, Jennifer, and DavidAssessing air quality and identifying risks resulting from air emissions is a critical part of ensuring regulatory compliance. Known for his risk assessment expertise, Integral Senior Science Advisor James Lape will help lead a workshop on “Air Emissions Risk Assessments” at the 2017 West Coast Meeting of the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI) in Vancouver, Washington. An independent, nonprofit research organization, NCASI focuses on environmental and sustainability topics significant to forest management and the manufacture of forest products.

Held on September 25–27, 2017, the meeting will share technical and regulatory information of interest to the forest products industry. The September 25 workshop will focus on activities necessary to evaluate and manage air emissions from permitted facilities, including using a risk-based approach. The material will include fundamental information on characterizing sources, estimating offsite concentrations, and addressing receptor issues and chemical risk. Industry experience with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency risk assessments and state-level air toxics rules will also be discussed.  Mr. Lape will describe the human health risk assessment process for air toxics, with a focus on the toxicological issues and risk communication challenges that could emerge from the ongoing “Cleaner Air Oregon” rulemaking process.

Integral will also host a booth at the conference’s open reception on Tuesday, September 26, and staff will be available to answer questions throughout the meeting. Other Integral staff attending are David Livermore, R.G., L.H.G., Jennifer Sampson, Certified Senior Ecologist, ESA, and Craig Heimbucher, P.E.

Integral staff have successfully completed more than 100 projects for the forest products industry, including water quality studies, stormwater and wastewater management, remediation and monitoring, air quality evaluations, permitting and regulatory compliance, Proposition 65 determinations, risk assessments, and litigation support.

Mr. Lape has nearly 30 years of experience in the health risk assessment and environmental science fields.  His expertise in human health risk assessment includes fate and transport modeling, exposure assessment, risk characterization, and uncertainty analysis.  He has served as an expert in several air toxics cases and provides risk communication to scientific and layperson audiences.

For more information on Integral’s capabilities, contact James Lape at or Jennifer Sampson at